abnormal loads haulage

Abnormal loads

We have vast experience and the necessary capabilities to transport your abnormal loads. With our diverse and modern fleet of vehicles and knowledge of the legal procedures relating to transporting abnormal loads, we can accommodate almost every delivery scenario. In the past, we have delivered loads including barges and modular buildings for our clients.

We have a deep understanding of what constitutes an abnormal load, including regulations around size and weight, and can advise you on the options available for your project. Our fleet includes flatbeds, low loaders and other specialist vehicles required for projects of this nature.

We are also able to manage all the relevant paperwork including notifications, permit applications and notice periods, and have a fleet of pilot cars that are required to carry out certain moves.

Through a combination of our knowledge and experience, we can take all of the hassle out of your project and allow you to focus on your business. Please contact us to discuss how our services can meet your needs and for a detailed quote.