MB Bilston trailer rental

Trailer rental

We rent out a small number of our trailer fleet on a weekly basis. The fleet includes flat trailers, slidaflex trailers, extendable trailers and flat coil trailers.

Flat Trailer

Our trailers have detachable ramps, enabling a smooth loading and unloading from the ground to the trailers, without the requirement for a purpose-built loading ramp. This improves flexibility and makes it more adaptable to the needs of our customers.
Perfect for:

  • JCBs
  • Caterpillar Machinery
  • Tractors
  • Motorhomes

SlidaFlex Coiler Carriers

Our slidaflex trailer is capable of carrying multiple coils, and can also be adapted into a flatbed using boards to cover the well. This makes the trailer more versatile and adaptive to your requirements.

To ensure the safe loading of coils, all the trailers are equipped with posts and 9×9 timbers to create a false headboard to stop any forward movement, this ensures that goods are delivered in the same condition that they leave your premises.

Extendable Trailer

Although standard platform trailers are suitable in many instances, for loads that exceed typical lengths it is necessary to use a versatile extendable trailer that can cope with many different scenarios. When loads cannot be divided, an extendable trailer is the best solution.

Flat Coil Trailer

Our trailers have the required side socket and posts for the safe movement of a steel box section, and the post enables for the creation of a safe working platform for the use of side rails.

Safety paramount importance, therefore our flat trailers have been equipped with a fall arrest system.

If you are interested in renting one of our trailers, please contact us for further details and/or a quote.